Ellen Neiley Ritter, PhD

Dean of Students PHONE (888) 267-1206, Extension 101 FAX (888) 273-5368 EMAIL ellen@lifecoachtraining.com

Kelly Adams, Ph.D.

Director of Student Services PHONE 888-267-1206, Extension 103 EMAIL kelly@lifecoachtraining.com

Amy Jones

Assistant Manager PHONE (888) 267-1206, Extension 102 EMAIL amy@lifecoachtraining.com

Dr. Patrick Williams, Ed.D., MCC

Founder and Director of Training PHONE (888) 267-1206 EMAIL pat@lifecoachtraining.com

Institute for
Life Coach Training


Laura Cuttica Talice, MCC

ILCT Italy Curriculum PHONE EMAIL lauracutticatalice@gmail.com

Institute for
Life Coach Training

Istanbul, Turkey

Esra Aksuyek


Esra E. Aksuyek

Director of ILCT Turkey PHONE (0) 532 256 49 56 EMAIL eaksuyek@ttmail.com

Institute for
Life Coach Training

Toronto, Canada

Claire Lyons

Director of ILCT Canada PHONE (416) 766-9108 EMAIL torontowest@sympatico.ca