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News and Updates on the BCC Credential

Are you planning to pursue the Board Certified Coach credential? Are you already a Board Certified Coach?

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Combining the Lion and the Lamb for Powerful Feedback Results

What is Compassionate Edge feedback (a type of Direct Communication)?  A brief, “laser”-like statement that gets to the heart of the matter, providing a direct challenge. While compassionate and empathic, it may not be considered “ nice”.

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Things To Watch Out For That Enhance Coaching Leadership Over Leading The Client: Working Too Hard

Coaching is about the coachee's agenda. If a coach begins to substitute...

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Intuition: “Blink” + Speak=Results

Why use intuition? In our hectic world of information bombardment, the ability to make quick decisions leading to desired results is crucial. The ability to size up a situation and recognize the...

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