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Oct. 1stWednesday, 11am EDT

Navigating Social Media to Build Your Practice Part 4: Getting a Website - Where to Begin

So, you need a website? Join Tracy Ray, of Pink Pigeon Media, as she discusses this important aspect of your coaching business.

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Being a Coach: Reflections from ILCT Italy

Coaching is a profession that fulfills everyone’s needs. The coach is fulfilled by learning a new job that will let her help her clients along their personal growth while they learn...

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Self Imprisonment: How We Become Our Own Jailer And What This Means For Our Coaching Clients

Once clients become conscious of the prison inherent in their mindset they automatically begin to question it. The coach can...

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Kite Flying: Reflections from Long Beach Island

It occurred to me, as I watched two children getting ready to fly their kite, that this form of play represents the essence of life. We buy kites with dreams of flying high...

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