Become a Certified PeopleMap Trainer


This twelve hour course will allow you to become a Certified PeopleMap Trainer and learn the PeopleMap Coach Approach. Schools, hospital, churches, large and small organizations, city and county governments have all used the PeopleMap System. Typically all people in an organization go through the PeopleMap training from organizations as small as 12 people to organizations as large as 5,000 people. Outcome Research on PeopleMap training on a two year follow-up shows increased communication, team cohesiveness, effective conflict resolution skills and greater job productivity. Over 350,000 people have been through a PeopleMap Program in the United States and Canada.

During the twelve course sessions you will become fully competent in the PeopleMap Questionnaire, a seven item questionnaire that takes less than five minutes to complete and self-score and has a 95% accuracy of measuring the four personality types of Leader, People, Free Spirit and Task. Participants will take the PeopleMap Questionnaire, learn and read about their personality type and through a series of exercises learn how to communicate, problem-solve and goal set with anyone. Participants will also learn how to teach the one day PeopleMap Program as well as how to market and sell the PeopleMap workshop. Participants also learn how to use the PeopleMap Questionnaire and results with individual coaching clients and how to generate coaching clients from the workshops they teach.

The second part of the course will provide you with an opportunity to learn how to use four additional PeopleMap Assessments which can help your clients understand themselves and relate to others more effectively. Use these assessments to help clients better understand each other’s personality type, learn how to relate, communicate, resolve differences and maintain close viable relationships in their personal and professional life.

PeopleMap Assessments:

  • PeopleMap Questionnaire – Measures four primary personality types: Leader, People, Free Spirit and Task. Participants learn about their personality type and how to communicate, problem solve and goal set with anyone.
  • PeopleMap Leadership Questionnaire – Measures three leadership styles: Team Builder, System Builder, and Innovator. Each style has strengths and an Achilles Heel(s) along with areas for growth and development. Each style is successful in a different way.
  • PeopleMap Supervisory Preference Questionnaire – This is the companion questionnaire to the PeopleMap Leadership Questionnaire. This Questionnaire measure how you want your boss to lead you, what motives you to be your best and become and stay a high achiever. Together these two questionnaires along with the PeopleMap Profile allow work teams to better understand one another and work more effectively with one another. Our research with over 750 employees in 12 different companies supports better communication, team cohesiveness and job productivity.
  • PeopleMap Interpersonal Conflict Resolution Questionnaire – This assessment is designed to help people resolve the inevitable conflicts that arise in relationships. Four styles of conflict resolution are measured as well as how people can utilize a simple but effective step-by-step process to reach win-win solutions.
  • PeopleMap Intimacy Styles Questionnaire – This assessment measures four intimacy styles: Communication, Touch, Activities, and Affection. Learning your mate’s intimacy needs and how to specifically meet these needs draws couples closer together

With the knowledge acquired of the PeopleMap System, participants learn how to use all five PeopleMap Assessments in understanding and coaching their clients. Participants learn the PeopleMap Six Step Coach Approach which is easy to learn and use in their practice.

Students will be certified as a PeopleMap Trainer to teach the PeopleMap Workshop and to use these assessments in their coaching practice.

Course Materials Included in Tuition:

  • PeopleMap book: Understanding Yourself and Others by Dr. Lillibridge
  • PeopleMap Questionnaires (2). Can also take on-line and receive 17 page report.
  • PeopleMap Leadership Questionnaire
  • PeopleMap Supervisory Preference Questionnaire
  • PeopleMap Interpersonal Conflict Resolution Questionnaire
  • PeopleMap Intimacy Styles Questionnaire
  • PeopleMap Trainers’ Manual for teaching Day-One Program
  • PeopleMap Participant’s Workbook for Day-One Program
  • PeopleMap Coach Approach Workbook

Course Prerequisites