Business Development Lab

There's so much to consider when building a coaching practice:

  • Should I seem to coach anyone, or develop a niche?
  • Where can I find paying clients?
  • How do I introduce myself in different situations?
  • Do I need a web site? Liability insurance?
  • How will I know the best things to learn, without getting off track?
  • What systems do I need to develop, and which can I ignore?

And so much more!

This 20-hour course combines learning with action, and invites participants who are truly ready and willing to build their coaching business to do so under the guidance of Dr. Jim Vuocolo, MCC, a seasoned Master Instructor/Mentor, and the ongoing support of a peer mastermind group.

This course offers 10 hours of class instruction, alternating with another 10 hours of Group Coaching labs, wherein participants will be required to develop and take real world actions to attain their desired results. Several hours each week is required for learning as well as ongoing actions to accumulate points in The Practice Building Game to keep you on track to build your business. 

For those who need additional hours of individual mentor coaching to meet the ICF minimum requirements of 7 hours of group coaching and 3 hours of individual coaching, you will have the option to sign up for additional individual mentor coaching hours. Meetings times will be established with your instructor.

To complete the course, you will also need to have access to a computer/tablet and should be comfortable using the Internet as many of your assignments and materials will be available on an e-learning platform. 

Space is limited, and requires that you complete this application for consideration (application does not guarantee acceptance into the course). ILCT will send you a link to register within 2 days after approval.

Prerequisites include: Successful completion of Coach Approach or Foundational Program (or equivalent training) and a burning desire to get your business off the ground now.

Please Note: This class cannot be counted towards hours required for your Board Certified Coach credential or renewal. 

Course Prerequisites

Successful completion of the Coach Approach or Foundational course (or equivalent training)

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