CGV Trainers Class: Using the Coach Approach in the Non Profit Sector


Train the Trainer course

For Certified Coaches, who are also excellent trainers, this course provides the opportunity to become an approved Coaching the Global Village trainer. This Train the Trainer webinar teaches coaches how to deliver our toolkit, Creating Conversations for Leadership and Community Development using the Coach Approach as well as how to effectively approach and engage non-profit and NGO leaders.

This "Train the Trainer" course will teach you how to use the coaching approach with the Non Profit/NGO sector for boards, staff, or those they serve. You may learn the unique opportunities to coach such persons, but the real goal is to become a certified CGV trainer using our curriculum to teach these organizations to use the coach approach on a regular basis for leadership and community change.

Coaching is one of the most powerful tools of leadership. It is used to set direction, create alignment, and gain commitment. Coaching uses focused listening, inquiry, feedback, and accountability to co-create solutions. It is an orientation that seeks to understand and appreciate the perspectives of others and bring together the best thinking in the spirit of shared ownership of solutions. As a practice, coaching epitomizes the quality of effective leaders who seek to empower and unlock the capabilities of others.

Coaching is a lost art of real communication and it can be taught in a way that anyone, from the board/staff of an NGO to the people they serve can learn to have coaching conversations for leadership and community development. - Patrick Williams, MCC, BCC

Dr. Patrick Williams, long time executive and leadership coach, author, speaker, and founder of Coaching the Global Village, teaches the core essentials of a creative leadership conversation using the coach approach. Dr. Manon Dulude and Marie-Claude Lapalme and Dr. Patrick Williams will all be instructing and available.

The following skills are taught and demonstration and practice allow both competence and confidence to develop in those who learn to utilize the coach approach more purposefully.

In the context of professional coaching competencies, you will also learn in this class how to teach these essential skills to others in the non-profit/NGO sector.

  1. Setting the conversation space (permission to coach)
  2. Presence of the coach
  3. Powerful questions (and purposeful inquiry)
  4. Focused listening (including the power of pause)
  5. Creating awareness
  6. Curiosity of the coach (and avoiding advice)
  7. Possibility thinking
  8. Co-creating solutions or possibilities and next steps
  9. Accountability plan
  10. Use the Circle process to call a coaching council.

The Coaching Approach for meaningful, empowering conversations.

Coaching releases the wisdom and authenticity of all involved…. if we allow it

Leadership is an activity…not a position

Coaching can increase leadership circle…. anyone involved can coach or be coached, inviting the unusual voices to the conversation

Coaching creates involvement and empowerment.

This class meets six times, once every two weeks on the specified day.

Please complete this brief application. Dr. Patrick Williams will review it and will provide you with the registration link if you meet the above prerequisites to join the course.

Tuition includes $75 for materials.

Upon successful completion of the course

All students who complete this class will have the opportunity to be an Approved CGV Trainer and have all rights to deliver the training curriculum for the coach approach to any non profit or NGO that they create an opportunity with. CGV will finalize all training contracts (with some exceptions) and pay the CGV trainer a fee agreed upon before delivery of the curriculum.

In addition, all CGV Training graduates will be part of the CGV training team and will have access to all training, marketing and tools, as well as be considered when we seek trainers for some locale who requests such services.

You will be able to use the CGV training logo, be part of an international team of trainers and build a business opportunity for teaching the power of the Coach Approach for leadership development in non-profit and NGO entities across the globe or in your own community. We all do well spreading the power of the Coach Approach for social transformation through training opportunities to non profits and non-governmental organizations staff, board of directors and the constituents they serve.

If you have any additional questions about this course, please contact Dr. Patrick Williams.


Students who complete the 6 classes for the CGV training course will become approved CGV ambassadors/trainers with the following understanding:

  1. Full use of the CGV training for NPO/NGO community in non edited format. (May be adapted with permission from Patrick Williams in special circumstances)
  2. Use of CGV logo and signature line
  3. All contracts for training will come to CGV for contract agreement and trainers will be paid a daily rate plus expenses from CGV administration
  4. If you need Patrick Williams to communicate with possible clients for the training, he can and will close the deal for you.
  5. To remain a CGV trainer, you must pay an annual fee of $50 to maintain communication quarterly with Patrick Williams and staff, the FB group access, and other changes in development materials for trainings
  6. If we need trainers in certain locations, you will be notified of the possibility for you to consider

Course Prerequisites

  • Coach Certification from a recognized organization with a minimum of
  • Board Certified Coach (CCE)
  • Associate Certified Coach (ICF)
  • Coaching Certification from ILCT (CLC or other 80 hour)
  • or the equivalent (to be reviewed by Dr. Patrick Williams.)
  • Also must have experience as a trainer of live workshops or seminars, with organizational skills to prepare and deliver such training as you will learn in this class.