Image Guidance for Life Coaches


This course is designed specifically for Life Coaches so that they can learn to use aspects of Image Guidance in coaching contexts, especially in spiritually-based Life Coaching. The goal here is not to train coaches to become therapists or healers but to have another “tool of the trade” which they can use as brief interventions with certain clients. Applications would include but not be limited to: Helping the client to identify and describe emotions such as fear, frustration, excitement, enthusiasm; assisting the client to name “blocks” to success and to trace the origins of these blocks, thereby reducing their negative energy; providing the client with an additional tool for discernment; assisting the client to imagine new possibilities and outcomes and to work towards these goals; helping the client to prioritize, take action and evaluate; affirming the client’s hopes and dreams while re-enforcing his/her belief in self; encouraging the client to accept new positions of leadership or areas of professional or personal responsibility etc.

Image Guidance involves the following steps:

  1. Guide and client converse about the presenting issue so that the guide has a full understanding of the client's agenda.

  2. The guide asks leading questions until the client can "picture" the presenting issue.
  3. The guide leads the client into a deep state of relaxation through breathing and relaxation techniques, inviting him/her to focus only on the image.
  4. The guide gives verbal directions so that the client can interact with the imagery according to his or her comfort level.
  5. The client dialogues with the image while sharing with the guide what s/he has seen, heard and felt.
  6. When the client has received sufficient feedback, the guide facilitates the return to ordinary consciousness.
  7. When the client is re-oriented to the present moment, the guide discusses the experience with him or her and helps evaluate all that has happened.

The course will involve lectures, readings and discussions, model sessions of Image Guidance conducted by instructor and participants; evaluation of transcripts provide by students.

Check out this video of Elizabeth-Anne Stewart describing one of the powerful tools that you will learn to implement with your clients.

Required Materials

Vanek, Elizabeth-Anne. Image Guidance: A Tool for Spiritual Direction, NJ: Paulist Press, 1992.
Also re-published by the author/instructor under “Elizabeth-Anne Stewart” and available in book form from the author.
Supplies: box of crayons, plain paper and a notebook

Suggested: Vanek, Elizabeth-Anne. Image Guidance and Healing. NJ: Paulist Press, 1994. Out of print with limited number still available through Amazon.


Materials will also be uploaded in your library.

Course Prerequisites