Lifestyle, Nutrition, and Weight Management

Please Note:  This course was developed, in part, to meet the requirements for the training in Lifestyles for those who are pursuing the NCCHWC national certification, providing 15 hours of training. Only 7 hours of this course can be applied to those pursuing credentialing or renewal of an ICF or BCC credential.

Utilizing solid coaching skills and tools to guide clients toward health and wellness goals, as well as understanding the various food lifestyles people choose, is key to wellness coaching success.

As we know, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all food lifestyle. Knowing the basics of integrative nutrition will enhance the coaching relationship.

Topics Discussed:

  • Understand the Wellness Coach Scope of Practice
  • Distinguish the Difference Between Health Educator and Wellness Coach
  • Learn Coaching Skills for Nutrition & Weight Management
  • Learn Coaching Skills for Integrative Fitness and Activity
  • Learn Coaching Skills for Stress Management
  • Review New and Innovative Approaches to Weight Management
  • Compare Various Diets, Cleanses and Food Lifestyles

To complete the course you will need to have access to a computer/tablet and be comfortable using the Internet as you will be working on an e-learning platform. You will be asked to complete written assignments within the two required text books and upload your answers to the learning platform, as well as interacting  with the course instructor.

Students will have one year to complete the requirements for this course.

Required Textbooks:

Integrative Nutrition (Third Edition): Feed Your Hunger for Health and Happiness by Joshua Rosenthal

How To Be A Health Coach: An Integrative Wellness Approach by Meg A Jordan PhD, RN, CWP,

Course Prerequisites


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