PeopleMap 6 Step Leadership Coach Approach Program


This 6 hour course will allow you to become a Certified PeopleMap Trainer and learn how to use PeopleMap in individual and group coaching. Schools, hospital, churches, large and small organizations, city and county governments have all used the PeopleMap System. PeopleMap training has been shown to increase communication, collaboration, team cohesiveness, effective conflict resolution skills and greater job productivity. Over 350,000 people have been through a PeopleMap Program in the United States and Canada.

During the 6 course sessions you will become competent in the PeopleMap Questionnaire, a seven item questionnaire that takes less than five minutes to complete and self-score and has a 95% accuracy of measuring the four personality types of Leader, People, Free Spirit and Task. Participants will take the PeopleMap Questionnaire, learn and read about their personality type and through a series of exercises learn how to communicate, problem-solve and goal set with individuals and teams. Participants will learn how to facilitate one hour, half day and full day PeopleMap programs as well as market and sell the program.

PeopleMap Assessments: PeopleMap Questionnaire – Measures four primary personality types: Leader, People, Free Spirit and Task. Participants learn about their personality type and how to communicate, problem solve and goal set with anyone.

Students will be certified as a PeopleMap Trainers to facilitate PeopleMap workshops and to use the assessment with their clients.

Course Materials

The price listed on this page includes the cost of the course materials ($150.00), which must be purchased to complete your registration for this course. You will be given the option to add the course materials to your cart during the checkout process. 

  • PeopleMap book: Understanding Yourself and Others by Dr. Lillibridge
  • PeopleMap Questionnaires (2). Can also take on-line and receive 17 page report.
  • PeopleMap Trainers’ Manual for teaching Day-One Program
  • PeopleMap Participant’s Workbook for Day-One Program
  • PeopleMap Coach Approach Workbook

Effective communications and productive interpersonal relationships are paramount to Individual and organizational success. In this course, you will understand your own and others style of leading, communicating and getting work done. You will understand ways to help your clients and teams you work with be more effective, collaborative and productive both professionally and personally. You also will gain insight into your potential blind spots and learn ways to more effectively manage them.

In addition to being able to use PeopleMap as a coaching tool; each participant will: 

  • Better understand their individual way of leading, coaching, relating, solving problems, and getting work accomplished. Become aware of their own personality preferences in down to earth language: Everyone receives:
  • A general description of their personality style. Strengths of their style
  • Three things that motivate their behavior Potential weaknesses of their style.
  • Ways to communicate more effectively with each type. Areas for potential improvement.

Upon completion of the course participants become certified in the PeopleMap Understanding Yourself and Others Program.  Certified PeopleMap Trainers may use the PeopleMap assessment tools in their professional field, i.e. training, facilitating, coaching.  All PeopleMap materials must be purchased through the PeopleMap Company.  Reproduction of any PeopleMap materials is prohibited by law, this includes all questionnaires, books and workbooks.  All PeopleMap materials are copyrighted and the intellectual property of E. Michael Lillibridge, Ph.D.

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