Resilience Coaching: Part 2


Week 1: Personal resilience principles – moving forward with life capital, reserves & resources
Week 2: Determinants, indicators & obstacles – resilience/self-management assessments/tools
Week 3: Internal & external resilience factors – avoiding depletion: pressure, high-stress culture, self-beliefs & cultural myths
Week 4: Planning & living resilience – prioritizing & de-cluttering: a triage approach to life
Week 5: Self-definition and resilience – growing capacity with imperfection, commitment, self-efficacy & practice
Week 6: Personal resilience-based coaching practice – introduction to business of resilience coaching

In this second resilience course, students will learn, apply and practice personal resilience concepts in coaching. They will integrate and implement effective tools and strategies to help their clients build personal resilience, by focusing on small, realistic steps. They will learn to use simple, user-friendly strategies that empower their clients, building resilience and supporting quality of life.

Time commitment: weekly classes, two hours a week for six weeks, along with 5 weekly one-hour peer practice at a time chosen by students, and approximately one hour a week of reading & reflections.
Tuition price listed includes $25 for course materials, which will be available in your student library. 

Course Prerequisites

Resilience Coaching: Part 1

Certified Life Coach and Life Coach students: this course emphasizes resilience-focused coaching, and is therefore adapted to participants who are either (a) Certified Coaches or (b) on their way to Certification, with organizational background/experience to understand and relate to, common individual and organizational resilience challenges.