Seasons of Change Myths, Detours, and Change by Choice

Coaches use the Seasons of Change to support their clients in navigating transitions by moving through the Seasons in order, where one Season prepares a foundation for the client’s actions in the next Season.

Unfortunately, clients often run into barriers as they navigate life and professional transitions. Cultural myths can derail their journey or weigh it down with excess baggage from previously held messages. Detours add time and frustration as clients attempt, usually unsuccessfully, to jump over a season or two in an effort to move forward more quickly.

Understanding these myths and detours in detail gives coaches nuanced insights about how to work with clients to ease their journey through times of change. In addition to learning about myths and detours conceptually, we’ll practice recognizing these patterns in case studies and current client scenarios. We’ll also delve into ways to use this knowledge about the intricacies of navigating times of change to strengthen one’s business focus, offerings, and client work.

Stepping beyond a reactive approach to coaching change, we will explore ways to bring ease into the transition journey by choosing to change when the signs of change are subtle. Supporting clients in choosing to change through incremental and organic ways brings proactive elements to coaches approach to coaching.

Course Prerequisites

Students must have completed Seasons of Change Fundamentals and be actively working with transition clients before taking this course.