Ways of Sacred Listening

Drawing on the best of Spiritual Direction practices and Life Coaching competencies, this course is for coaches who wish to add a strong spiritual foundation to the work they are currently doing.

Trained in the art of sacred listening, for example, spiritual directors may want to shift into a more active relationship with clients; this may include helping the client with articulating needs, setting goals, and identifying those skills and capacities they either already have or need to develop to accomplish their goals.

Life coaches, on the other hand, accustomed to helping clients meet both internal and external goals, may feel drawn to include an explicitly spiritual framework to some or all of their coaching sessions.

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Some of the benefits students have shared after taking this class:

"Creating spiritually inviting space that will allow the client to open to the deeper aspects of themselves"
"All listening is sacred and that you can’t separate the spiritual from coaching from the spiritual in your life"
"Being more aware and in tune spiritually with how God is working in my clients’ lives"
"How spiritual coaching can be part of my coaching practice"
"This is a much needed course at ILCT and I am glad I took it."

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