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  • A Deeper Dive into the new ICF Code of Ethics & EIS statements

    When revisions and additions to the ICF’s Code of Ethics are made, there’s typically a reason for them.

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  • Change the World Christian Coaching

    A multitude of people in the United States and the World consider themselves to be Christians but do not know how to live the purpose God has for them. In recent polls, 70% of the US population calls themselves Christians but do not live a fulfilled life based on their unique calling. If everyone lived...

  • Up and Up!  Drumming for Personal Inspiration

    Innovations in coaching using music for self-care and burnout

  • Coaching Forum, September 2013

    Spiritual Development

    Join Pat as he interviews ILCT faculty Dr. Elizabeth Ann Stewart, BCC, author and spiritual guide with over twenty-five years’ experience as a spiritual director. Committed to the transformation of consciousness and the well-being of our planet and all her people, she is a Christian who coaches those who seek a deeper connection to Mystery, to Love and to the waiting Heart of God. Her ILCT courses include Creating Sacred Context and Ways of Sacred Listening

    Watch Dr. Stewart's brief video on spiritually-based life coaching here: