By Pam Bradley, Ed.D

I am his sound bite for truth so he calls on a monthly basis.  He calls for advice.  He calls for conversation.  He calls for encouragement.

He calls to hear someone else’s voice ---someone to converse with besides himself.  He calls to share his current status in

February 08th, 2013 by Amy Jones

By: By: Sabrina Schleicher, PhD, PCC, BCC

Just the other day, I had another one of “those” conversations. I was talking to a burned out therapist. She was tired of working with clients who don’t have motivation to improve. She was tired of hassling with insurance companies to get paid.

February 01st, 2013 by Amy Jones

By: Sabrina Schleicher, PhD, PCC, BCC

For any potential client considering coaching, there is one burning question they likely have in mind and it may go unspoken. If you aren’t addressing this critical unspoken question, you may be finding it difficult to get clients to move forward in

January 25th, 2013 by Amy Jones

By: Kimberly Gleason

Coaching is one of the hottest trends in the workplace today, and there seems to be no end in sight. Why? The reason is simple: coaching gets results. Whether a manager aspires to lead her team more effectively, or an organization aims to surpass its goals, leaders

January 18th, 2013 by Amy Jones

By: Christa Coletti

I have always enjoyed coaching because it is co-creative; I grow as my clients grow. What I think is so powerful about coaching is that it 1) focuses on the positive and 2) is adaptable to any person, from any background, at any stage in their life. Too often we

January 15th, 2013 by Amy Jones

By: Kimberly Gleason

I’m betting you’re no different than my kid.

“Why do I have to clean the living room?” she whines.

I roll my eyes, making a grand sweeping gesture toward the chaos—books littered across the floor, legos crammed in the sides of the couch, a nice splat on the

January 11th, 2013 by Amy Jones

By: Sabrina Schleicher, PhD, PCC, BCC

Help, Sabrina! I’m working on my website, but I’m spinning my wheels. It’s taking me forever and I’m not even sure what I should say.  

If you’re at all like I was when I started out as a coach, I just wanted clients, and I hoped my website would

January 08th, 2013 by Amy Jones

By: Christa Coletti

On this particular morning, I was sitting on the patio watching the soothing stillness of the water. A boat came by, and I watched the still water become small waves in the boat’s wake and head off into new directions, headstrong in their new paths.

Soon one of

January 04th, 2013 by Amy Jones

By: Michelle Armstrong

As we enter a new year, most people are talking about resolutions. These resolutions are generally about what will be eliminated. Some eliminate bad habits, some eliminate bad vices, and of course, some want to eliminate extra weight. Regardless of what it may be,

January 01st, 2013 by Life Coach Training

By: Pam Bradley, Ed.D

This year is different somehow.  The gifts are wrapped.  Bright green, red and gold ornaments decorate the tree.  Santa letters to grandchildren have been written.  “Joy to the World!” reverberates through the house.  Still, there’s this small nagging feeling in

December 18th, 2012 by Amy Jones