The Successfully Transition Out Program

By: Ellen Neiley Ritter, PhD, BCC

As previously presented in our blog, ILCT has been successfully running our coach training program within a medium security federal prison for men for the past 3 years. It has been a real testament to the power of coaching and more than 40 inmates have

May 23rd, 2016 by Amy Jones
The Nine Judgment Patterns

By: Elizabeth Saigal, Ph.D. CLC

In the previous post, I discussed identifying judgment as a key to providing high value impact to your client.  This post details the nine judgment patterns that might show up for your client. Indeed, they may relate to more than one pattern. Once the

May 09th, 2016 by Amy Jones
The Power of Self Disclosure: Stories from Your Journey

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book Getting Naked: On Being Emotionally Transparent at the Right time, the Right Place, and with the Right Person.

Note: over the next few months I will publish here some of the content of this book as it relates to your path to optimal living, and

April 20th, 2016 by Amy Jones
Coaching Judgment Patterns

By: Elizabeth Saigal, Ph.D. CLC

Each of us develops ways of interacting that give us a sense of control. These behaviors and associated attitudes are developed for perceived safety. They become automatic and prevent us from expressing more empowering, conscious, and balanced responses

April 06th, 2016 by Amy Jones
Backdoor to the Brain: Using Magical Metaphors to Transform Communication

By: Marilyn O'Hearne, MSW, MCC

“Imagine a Tarzan like vine dropping down from heaven that will take you from the brown, barren mountain you have described to the lush, green mountain, where you want to be.  What is that vine?” I asked the coaching client.

“Oh, I know!  It is something

March 28th, 2016 by Amy Jones
Your Magic Window

By: Patrick Williams, EdD, MCC, BCC

Remember in the Wicked Witch in Snow White who looked into her Magic Mirror to see what was troubling in her kingdom.  She would look at a reflection of what was a threat to her power.

Well I have come to realize we all have Magic Windows where we

March 16th, 2016 by Amy Jones
Things To Watch Out For: Part C - Wanting to Be Liked

By: Elizabeth Saigal, Ph.D. CLC

The previous two posts in this series focused on how working too hard and engaging your own ideas and attitudes can reduce coaching effectiveness. This post looks at how wanting to be liked undermines the coaching process.

Clues that a desire for

March 09th, 2016 by Amy Jones
Things To Watch Out For: Part B -  Engaging Your Own Ideas and Attitudes

By: Elizabeth Saigal, Ph.D. CLC

This is the second post in a series reflecting on how to take your coaching to the next level. My previous post looked at how “working too hard” can reduce coaching effectiveness. This entry examines how to moderate engaging your own ideas and attitudes

February 29th, 2016 by Amy Jones
ILCT’s Wellness Program Recognized

ILCT is honored that our renowned Wellness Coaching Specialist (WCS) certification program was approved as one of the programs that meets the requirements for the new National Certification offered by the International Consortium for Health & Wellness Coaching. This professional

February 22nd, 2016 by Amy Jones
Body-Mind Awareness

By: Lauree E. Moss, Ph.D., CLC, PCC

Awareness is the first step toward change. Body-Mind Awareness is the next step by noticing your breath and where you experience it in your body. Paying attention to breathing and integrating it into your coaching deepens many coaching tools: It

February 17th, 2016 by Amy Jones