Seasons of Change Coaching Practicum


Did you enjoy learning about the Seasons of Change and how it supports your clients in transition? We have heard from a number of our students that they love the model, but they aren't sure how to integrate the model into their work with clients. In the Seasons of Change Practicum, you have the opportunity to deepen your connection with the model by:

  • Working with a practice client. Receive guidance and support within a safe, collaborative environment as you work with your client each week.
  • Finding your own voice with the Seasons of Change. You know the concepts. Now, it's time to practice talking about the model, the spiral, what season your client is in, the metaphors, the actions associated with each season, and relevant skills in your own words so it feels comfortable to share these concepts with your clients.
  • Weaving the Seasons of Change into your coaching specialty. By integrating what you know about your specialty with the Seasons of Change, you'll have a deeper knowing about where your client is, what questions to ask, what activities to offer, what metaphors to share, how to show clients their progress and how to identify next steps to keep them moving on their personal path forward. This deeper understanding of the model deepens your coaching work and can also bring insights about your ideal client and your marketing materials.

Please join us for our Seasons of Change Practicum to develop your confidence, deepen your comfort level with the model, and strengthen your trust in yourself and the model so you can fully integrate the Seasons of Change into your work with clients in transition.

The course also includes a private coaching session with instructor and Seasons of Change creator, Carol McClelland Fields, PhD, BCC, to address any personal questions you have about using the Seasons of Change in your coaching practice.

Frequency: This course is offered once a year.

Course Prerequisites

Seasons of Change