Beyond Recovery™

Are you interested in a unique perspective of what addiction and beyond-recovery is really all about? If so, you have joined the ground-swell of colleagues looking for creative, positive and value based programs built to empower the “beyond-recovery / into discovery” clients.

Based on the work of Helga M. Genannt Matzko, this 12-credit course presents a paradigm shift from the “once an addict – always an addict” axiom to the “once a human being, always a human being” axiom; and provides life coaches with knowledge, skills, and concepts uniquely tailored to the needs of addiction-emancipated clients.

These life templates empower the client to design and implement meaning, self-respect, connections, and purpose into life. Central to this specialized coaching approach are the ten process-oriented “Growth Process Affirmations” Helga developed to give emphasis on inherent strengths, values, and life-purpose. They form the foundation for this program and they stress heuristic-based developmental growth possibilities as theorized by Robert Kegan.

The shift from defining an individual by a label to seeing potential difficulties as an opportunity for expanded learning may hold the answer to preventing the dreaded possibility of relapse.

Course Objectives

  • There Is More Than Meets the Eye
  • From Pathology to Strengths-Based Human Potential
  • Body-Mind-Self Connection
  • Responsibilities, Boundaries, Self-Management
  • Choices, Decisions, Need-Satisfaction
  • Responsibility, Self-Care
  • Finishing Unfinished Business
  • Savoring, Gratitude
  • Renewal, Human Condition
  • Life Design and Life Purpose
  • Transpersonal Spirituality
  • Summary; Discussion, Closure “What’s Next”?

Course Material: The price listed on this page includes the cost of the course manual, which must be purchased to complete your registration for this course. You will be given the option to add the course materials to your cart during the checkout process.

Frequency: This course is offered once or twice a year, depending on level of interest. 

Course Prerequisites

  • 20 hours of coach training


Being an individual who has experienced many years of bondage to life controlling substances and behaviors, this class has radically changed the way I view addiction and recovery. The strengths based model of addiction has given me greater acceptance of my past behaviors and experiences which has lifted my self-esteem tremendously. In addition, I am now able to help others discover their own strengths and become more aware of their body/mind experiences that will facilitate growth. A fantastic class and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to coach people through and beyond recovery.
- Michael P., MS, Recovery Coach
This course is an excellent resource for anyone who does coaching with the addiction recovered population. It provides a new perspective on moving the recovered client forward within the framework of a coaching relationship. The addiction recovered client is unique and usually comes into coaching with longstanding beliefs that come from the traditional 12-Step Programs and Treatment Centers. The discussions and Helga's materials gave the students a new outlook on the traditional messages of the recovery community, and allows many of those messages to be re-framed and re-designed to allow for a truly fulfilling coaching experience with a very specialized community. While never detracting from what has worked in the past, the fresh perspective and new ideas in this course can be incorporated with the traditional messages of the recovery community to allow both processes to work in harmony towards the clients’ ultimate goals. The lessons learned in this course are both refreshing and invaluable for anyone who works with addiction recovered clientele.
- Rachel D., Certified Life Coach