Client Coachability

Matching Coaching Strategies to Each Client for Maximum Success

Have you ever wondered why you gave the same effort, and some of your clients sped to their goals and others made slow progress or failed to reach theirs? This course demystifies the “art” of coaching for both new and experienced coaches, empowering both to use dozens of coaching strategies matched to each client’s “coachability” level. It also prepares you to wisely shift strategies so a client can regain momentum when health, work, or family events derail them during your coaching engagement.

You will learn how to discern the client’s readiness for resilience, balance, or performance coaching along the The Coaching Continuum Model TM . This model arose from coaching research, and applies to all coaching niches;  both life and executive coaches will profit from applying its’ framework.  The class then suggests strategies that will move clients forward at each level of coachability, and helps you co-create coaching contracts and goals in a professional and targeted way. These very practical techniques will equip you to maximize client success.

The class is “hands on” with many case studies and lots of student discussion.

Frequency: This course is offered once or twice a year, based on level of interest. 

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This is the best course I have had in 20 years of coaching!
- KM, 2017
Thanks so much for an awesome class. I have seen so many ways to use the information provided, it has changed my perspective on how to be a better coach.
- DB, 2019