Coaching for Social Action

This 10-session course is ideal for coaches working with clients in the non-profit sector or clients involved in social action.

Non-profit organizations and change agents often face unique challenges of leadership development, organizational effectiveness, and individual growth as they organize themselves, groups and communities to create social change. This course is designed to provide coaches with a diverse set of tools, practices and systems to support clients to become empowered to make social change; address issues of culture and power in the workplace; and bring attention to self-care to reduce the likelihood of burnout. The basic coaching conversation model from the Foundational Course will be applied to the nuances of coaching individuals creating social change.


  • Gain an aerial view of the landscape of social justice work and nonprofits.
  • Apply a cultural competency framework to coaching and become familiar with cultural nuances to bring intention to your coaching language and presence.
  • Explore power dynamics through practical applications for coaches.
  • Learn how to partner with clients to connect their personal mission to larger scale change.
  • Practice integrating a variety of tools for individual and group coaching practices into your existing coaching technique.


  • Build authentic partnerships with clients based on clarity about who you are as a coach and what you bring to the coaching relationship.
  • Maintain integrity about the values you bring into a coaching relationship.
  • Acquire language and co-create a safe learning environment to ask tough questions of yourself and others as you challenge your comfort levels around cultural differences.
  • Bring more culturally competent coaching to your clients and organizations.

Required Textbook

Becoming a Professional Life Coach: Lessons from the Institute for Life Coach Training
By Patrick Williams

Frequency: This course is offered once a year.

Course Prerequisites

  • 20 hours of coach training