Coaching from the Inside Out

This 20-hour course is the second half of our Foundations course and is for those students who have taken the 20 hour Coach Approach course and have decided that they would like to go further in their coach training and prepare for certification with the ICF.

This course focuses on life design and personal fulfillment. This is both a personal journey, with students using an assortment of common coaching assessments to advance their personal development, as well as being educated on how to use them with their clients. Some of the topics include: needs, values, beliefs, life purpose, life design, integrity, standards, choices and boundaries, reserve and abundance, and self-care for coaches. This course includes coaching labs, peer group work, as well as fieldwork.

This course requires weekly peer groups and students can earn up to 1 ½ hours of mentor coaching, which can be used to meet some of the requirements for group mentoring required for those pursuing the ICF’s ACC.

Course Objectives

By the completion of the course, students will:

  • Be familiar with and comfortable with basic coaching skills and methods that enable you to serve as a coach.
  • Understand how the ICF core competencies relate to coaching and the topics covered
  • Identify the transferable skills that form your background and what non-transferable skills, methods, habits, and orientations you need to leave behind.
  • Develop a familiarity with the assessment tools used in coaching and how to use them to enhance your clients’ self-growth, strengths, discovery of their desires, and awareness.
  • Know how your beingness as a coach impacts your clients and your business and have begun to work on your own advance personal development

Frequency: This course is offered once a year, depending on level of interest.

Course Prerequisites

Completion of the 20 hour Coach Approach course


Susie was a wonderful instructor, she has a warm, supportive way of being. She modeled her lectures as a coach. She relayed the material in a very clear and concise way, and always answered questions fully. I loved her passion for the Life Design topic, and the extra time she gave each of us to use the experience of being coached by her.
- K.S.