Coaching Using the Big Five Model of Personality

Understanding how one stands out with her/his own individual differences is a key ingredient in the coaching process. A detailed personality analysis can be extremely insightful to both client and coach, guiding much of the coaching process. Personality data can help derive personalized coaching goals and identify energy drainers resulting from mismatches with the client’s personality in their life.

This course is the first to review the free, evidence-based assessments that can be used with coaching clients, measuring a rich set of unique personality traits. The focus is on the Big Five personality model – the basis of modern personality assessment, and more specifically the AB5C model, resulting in 45 parameters spanning a broad spectrum of traits in fine and specific accuracy.

“Coaching Using the Big Five Model of Personality” starts with a review of differential psychology and the study of individual differences, surveys type-based traditional assessments like DISC and the Jungian personality model. The course then details the Big Five Model and the specific AB5C (Abridged Big Five Circumplex) model, and concludes with a summary of related domain-specific assessments (like parenting-style and vocational interests).  The focus throughout the course is the practical use of personality models and their hands-on application in life coaching.

The course is taught by Ran Zilca, MSc, BCC, a coach, research scientist, and entrepreneur who worked closely for several years with Dr. Lewis Goldberg, the developer of the Big Five personality model. Zilca has co-developed some of the models described in the course, and has co-authored a scientific paper with Dr. Goldberg, describing some of their joint work, published in the Journal Of Personality in 2011).

Frequency: This course is offered once or twice a year, depending on level of interest. 

Course Prerequisites