Coaching for Calling/Life Purpose

This course emphasizes working with coachees who are trying to discern the call of God on their lives, i.e. a life purpose which brings them meaning and satisfaction in service of others. The course examines different types of calling, including relational and vocational calls, as part of the coachee’s understanding of “what on earth they are here for!” Coaches will help coachees examine their personal design (passion, talents, values, desires, and personality) as well as life experiences, which serve as clues to calling. Coaches will also help coachees discover their “authentic” selves as participants in life, rather than following cultural models.

Coaches will leave the course with both biblical and practical tools to use in coaching for calling.

Frequency:  This course is offered once a year.

Course Prerequisites

Familiarity/experience with coaching profession and processes


Anita is a fabulous instructor. The Coaching for Calling/Life Purpose course provided the information and knowledge that built my confidence and understanding as a Christian coach and will help me walk with Christian clients on their journey in a more confident manner.
- Eileen S.