How to be Direct without Crossing the Line

How to Be a Direct Communicator without Crossing the Line

Join Senior Faculty and ICF Global Board Director 2007-2013, Marilyn O’Hearne, MSW, MCC to advance your coaching (and your coaching business) by flexing your potentially powerful Direct Communication muscle. Marilyn models clear, concise, culturally aware direct communication and coaches UN leaders. She says, "It is impossible to NOT work interculturally" and cultural differences especially show up in Direct Communication. This 7-week coaching class is designed to strengthen this underutilized and misunderstood competency which supports all the competencies in the updated version  - and your exam performance.

Note: Video conferencing is available, but not required, for this course. 

Course Objectives

  1. Clarify what it means to use language that has the greatest positive impact on the client given cultural variations.

  2. Learn to move beyond Active Listening to reframing and sharing intuition; how and when to interrupt.

  3. Playing with metaphors to bridge the known and unknown, leading to awareness and “aha” moments.

  4. Demonstrate being direct without being directive.

  5. Understand how this competency relates to all the other ICF core competencies.

Frequency: This course only offered once a year.

Course Prerequisites

  • 20 hours of coach training


I can really see how the Direct Communications course is helping me improve in *every* competency. I have a feeling that as I continue to build my practice, this course will turn out to be one of the most valuable I will have taken!"
- Becky B.