PeopleMap 6 Step Leadership Coach Approach Program

If you are an executive, corporate, or team coach, the PeopleMap System offers you a unique approach to coaching your clients and building your coaching practice. Utilizing a personality type-based system, participants learn how to coach individuals in a simple, easy to learn, six step process based on the PeopleMap questionnaire.

The PeopleMap questionnaire is only seven questions long, takes less than five minutes to complete and self-score, and has a 95% accuracy of measuring the 4 personality types – Leader, People, Free-Spirit, and Task. Answers to the questionnaire will generate a 17-page personality profile of your primary and secondary personality types, providing a wide range of information on your type’s strengths, as well as that type’s “weak spot” or Achilles Heel, an area possible growth through coaching.

Used within a wide variety of industries, leaders, teams, and others report:

  •  A 102% positive increase in effectiveness of communication.
  • Being a Team player and feeling a sense of team cohesion was reported at a 60% increase.
  • Leaders were more successfully managing conflicts and disagreements with others as a result of understanding their own and others' personality types.
  • Supervisors also reported they got more results and better work productivity from those they supervise because they understand how to motivate each personality type.
  • Had more patience with others, less stress and were more focused.

You’ll gain insight into how you can use PeopleMap to successfully grow or expand your coaching practice.

The price listed on this page includes the cost of the course materials ($80.00), which must be purchased to complete your registration for this course. You will be given the option to add the course materials to your cart during the checkout process and please be sure to provide the best shipping address since the book and questionnaire forms will be mailed to you before the class begins.

  • Six Step Coach Approach workbook
  • Book: Understanding Yourself and Others
  • PeopleMap Questionnaire Long and short forms

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Frequency: This course is offered once or twice a year, depending on interest.

Reproduction of any PeopleMap materials is prohibited by law, this includes all questionnaires, books and workbooks.  All PeopleMap materials are copyrighted and the intellectual property of E. Michael Lillibridge, Ph.D.


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"Peter and Michael did a great job in presenting the materials. Their passion for People Map shines through and passed it along! They answered all questions clearly, thoroughly and were very supportive and positive in their approach. Greatly appreciated their styles."
- Marcia P.