Using Visual Life Maps in Coaching for Life Transformation

“Listen to My Life” is a series of eight unique visual maps, which coaches can use with coachees individually or in small groups, when they want to review their life stories to understand their part in God’s ongoing story. Written from a biblical perspective, the portfolio of maps helps coachees gain fresh insights, answer powerful questions, and seek specific direction by helping them clarify their desires, discern how life story influences choices, understand God’s plan and their part in His story, and decide how to move forward in a more full expression of who God created them to be.

Participants in this course complete the maps as they would as coachees in a group setting. The coach facilitates the participants’ sharing parts of the maps while the group practices deep listening. Elements of trust and confidentially are essential in this class. After experiencing the maps for themselves, the group will discuss the various uses of the maps in their own coaching practices.

Required Materials

The visual maps may be ordered through and will be supplemented by a number of articles, tools, and video clips to provide a rich wealth of resources which continue to be available long after the course closes.

Individual conferences with the instructor during or following the course are optional.

Frequency:  This course is offered once a year.

Course Prerequisites



Anita really filled us up abundantly with insight, experience and additional relevant materials above and beyond the Course Maps. The maps themselves opened up so much for me personally that I took a huge step which I have been fearful of making for 5+ years. I gained confidence, accountability and obedience to my calling and I've never seen a tool like these maps nor have I seen results like they bring. So many things were unraveled for me that have been in knots for years. To be able to offer this to other people is not just life-changing, but world-changing.
- Kristen R.