Wellness Inventory Holographic Coaching Practicum

This course is for graduates of the Wellness Inventory Certification Training who want to hone their coaching skills using the Holographic Change Process and the Coaching Core Competencies. This course is appropriate for both novice coaches as well as highly experienced ones. The curriculum will be both didactic and experiential in an atmosphere of discovery and fun.

Wholehearted participation will move the participant to the next level of coaching (see testimonials below). A minimum of one buddy coaching practice session between classes is required. Each class will include real-time practice segments in which students will have the opportunity to practice with other students and receive feedback from the instructor. The setting will be one of emotional safety and genuine positive regard.

Required reading is Co-Active Coaching by Laura Whitworth, Karen Kimsey-House, Henry Kimsey-House, and Phillip Sandahl.

The course will include a free Wellness Inventory subscription for participants, the results of which will be integrated into the curriculum. Each student will have access to the other students’ Wellness Inventory results for use in the class. Graduates of the Wellness Inventory Certification Training who have received the designation “Certified Wellness Inventory Facilitator” can apply for an upgraded designation of “Certified Wellness Inventory Coach” after completing the Holographic Coaching Practicum course.

Frequency: This course is offered twice a year.

Course Prerequisites

Wellness Inventory Certification Training course


This course absolutely altered my coaching practice in a very positive way. I know that I am a more effective coach as a result and have actually received feedback from clients that I am more present with them and more allowing of their thoughts, feelings and ideas to emerge. I have grown personally from this experience. I can see how I would benefit from repeating this course at intervals in the future.
- Dee P., RN
The Holographic Coaching Practicum class gave me the confidence that I need to really get out there and start my coaching practice. The course is simple and profound at the same time. Bobbie is a master of the art of coaching, as well as educating others to become coaches. The course is also designed such that you will grow as a person, which is a necessary piece of becoming a better coach. I highly recommend the course to anyone interested in learning how to work better with other people!
- Zach C., NC
Since taking this course, my approach to coaching has changed. I have gained a greater appreciation of the coaching process. My confidence and what it really means to be present with my clients has increased.
- Jannette I., RN, Nassau, Bahamas