For many helping professionals who are adding or transitioning to coaching there are often many questions, in part because the differences between counseling/social work and coaching can seem vague and ambiguous. 

  • Clarifies the differences between coaching and counseling,
  • Helps you recognize the differences between thinking like a coach and a therapist
  • Illuminates how a coaching session differs from a therapeutic session,
  • Explores the issues that are and are not appropriate for coaching and when to refer a client; and
  • Provides you with opportunities to create your coaching identity.

Coaching and Counseling: Understanding the Distinctions was developed to answer those questions. This five-session course, conducted through teleconferences and includes weekly homework and peer groups.  If you’re interested in joining this course, which meets from 11: - 12:00 EST on Tuesdays beginning February 27th through March 27, you can register here. Weekly peer group meetings are also required.   


Space is limited.