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  • Coaching in Crisis: The Coaches Response to Covid-19

    Join us for an virtual session with Dr. Patrick Williams...

  • Coaching During a Crisis

    This will be an open discussion and may include topics such as...

  • SOS Resilience In Times of Covid-19

    Suddenly, our world has shifted and life has changed...

  • Change the World Christian Coaching

    A multitude of people in the United States and the World consider themselves to be Christians but do not know how to live the purpose God has for them. In recent polls, 70% of the US population calls themselves Christians but do not live a fulfilled life based on their unique calling. If everyone lived...

  • Creating Your First Community-Based Coaching Program

    Creating your first coaching program can seem daunting IF...

  • Coaching Youths: Update

    Join Pat Williams and Christa Colletti to hear about innovative ways of offering coaching to youths. The “Road to Success” youth program has been in operation since September 2012 with great success.

  • Coaching Senior Transitions

    Have you thought about the potential for life enrichment for seniors via coaching? 

  • Coaching Youths: The Road to Success Program

    Join Dr. Patrick Williams as he talks with ILCT student Christa Colletti about their experience as coaches in this program sponsored by Flagler County, Florida’s for out-of-school young adults ages 16-21. This successful program offers training in basic coaching skills for empowering conversations, job skills and life skills necessary for success, as well as mentoring the youths. Read more about the program, and join us for a call to see the positive impact coaching can have on youths.

  • Coaching Forum, April 2014

    Enter into the world of men and masculinity. Today we’ll explore coaching with men. This includes how coaching with men may miss the mark due to assumptions and stereotypes as well as what works in coaching men.

    Patrick Williams speaks with psychologist Ed Adams, recipient of the Practitioner of the Year Award of Division 51 (Men and Masculinity) of the American Psychological Association. Ed won this award in part because of his groundbreaking success as the founder of the non-profit organization Men Mentoring Men. We’ll explore the emotions, needs, perceptions, and language of men. Ed will report on his experiences doing therapy, coaching, and facilitating over a thousand men’s meetings. He’ll also explain why he has found that compassion is often the centerpiece of a man’s growth and happiness.

  • Coaching Forum, February 2014

    Join Pat for an update on the coach training program which ILCT has been conducting within a federal prison and how it has made a strong positive difference.