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Audio Archives

  • Incorporating Complementary & Alternative Modalities within Your Coaching Practice

    Wellness isn't just a buzzword, it is a way of life for many people...

  • Creating Wellbeing with Your Clients - Wellness Inventory Certification Training

    Jim Strohecker, CEO of WellPeople, provides a look at the history of the modern wellness movement, wellness coaching, and the Wellness Inventory—a widely used assessment tool based on the work of Dr. Travis.

  • Up and Up!  Drumming for Personal Inspiration

    Innovations in coaching using music for self-care and burnout

  • Body-Mind Awareness

    Join Dr. Lauree Moss and Ellen Neiley Ritter to learn more about somatic coaching and ILCT's Wellness Coaching certification program.

  • Coaching Forum, October 2014

    Join Pat Williams as he interviews Dr. Michael Pantalon, addiction and motivation expert, and the newest member of ILCT’s faculty with his Progressive Recovery Coach Training program. Dr. Pantalon is a clinical psychologist, author of the motivation book, Instant Influence, and Senior Research Scientist at the Yale School of Medicine, where he has been developing and studying cutting-edge treatments for alcohol, cocaine, opiate, and tobacco use disorders, as well as, training hundreds of clinicians, coaches and non-professionals in evidence-based addiction treatment and motivational strategies, since 1997.

  • Coaching Forum, July 2013

    Join ILCT Founder Patrick Williams as he interviews Jim Strochecker about the current state of wellness coaching. Jim is the CEO and co-founder of HealthWorld Online, the world's first Internet network for wellness and complementary/alternative medicine, and the co-creator of the Wellness Inventory assessment and life-balance program and certification training which is taught through ILCT.