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  • How Conflicts of Interest in Coaching Can Sneak Up and Bite You in the Rear

    This free ethics call will be an open discussion around conflicts of interest in coaching and some of the significant additions to the ICF Code of Ethics in 2019 and why ICF has made them.

  • A Deeper Dive into the new ICF Code of Ethics & EIS statements

    When revisions and additions to the ICF’s Code of Ethics are made, there’s typically a reason for them.

  • What are the revisions to the Code of Ethics REALLY all about?

    When revisions and additions to the ICF code of ethics are made, there’s typically a reason for them....

  • Ethical Hot Spots in Executive Coaching

    4 Areas of Ethical Awareness to Fine Tune

    Executive coaching has numerous areas to be aware of due to the dynamics of working inside organizations. We are engaging not only with our coachee, but also with sponsors, stakeholders, managers and possibly others.

  • Ethical Framework for Technology-delivered Coaching

    Please join us for a lively discussion about the ethics of online coaching...

  • Staying Out Of Ethical Hot Water: What Are Your Ethical Blind Spots?

    Ethical blind spots  can lead you into unethical behavior before you are aware...

  • Caribou Coffee and Confidentiality -  Ethical or Not?

    It’s a common practice for some coaches to meet clients, potential clients and sponsors at coffee shops.  So how do you have these meetings and assure confidentiality?

  • Multiple Relationships as a Coach, Ethical or Not?

    Staying Out of Ethical Hot Water for Coaches looks at “gray areas” of coaching ethics.  This means, you may not find specific ICF ethics code for these gray areas, however a lack of awareness in these gray areas can lead to a breach of black and white ethics code.

  • Coaching Professionalism and Standards: An area of Ethical Complaints

    Coaching professionalism is paramount to our profession.  As coaches we “walk our own talk” right?  I know most of us work hard to be highly professional and operate with high standards.  However an unconscious “slip of the tongue” could land you in ethical hot water as it relates to this section of code.

  • Are Your Phone Conversations Confidential?

    Best Practices for Coaches

    We will discuss the aspects of phone technology and what coaches need to know to provide secure and confidential services to their clients.

  • How Do Coaches Share Coaching Results Ethically?

    There is a lot being said on the internet about the results attained from working with a coach—and not exactly in an ethical manner.

  • Is Your Email Secure? To Encrypt or Not to Encrypt…

    Confidentiality is a crucial component of any coaching relationship, and now more than ever, so is the use of technology.

  • Ethics: Coaching Agreements

    Join ILCT faculty member, Tina Elliot, to discuss important policies, terms and conditions for your coaching agreement.

  • Continuing the conversation on the newly updated ICF Ethics Code

    Join ILCT faculty member Tina Elliot to discuss this important issue.

  • ICF Revised Ethics Code - How did it come to be?

    As the coaching profession’s visibility and exposure increases so does the need to operate ethically and protect ourselves from ethical complaints.

  • When You Selected the “Wrong” Client

    You have chosen the wrong client – now what?

    A discussion on how to ethically manage a client relationship that is challenging or the wrong fit for you as a coach.

    Join ILCT faculty member Tina Elliot as she discusses how to ethically close out a coaching engagement.