• A Deeper Dive into the new ICF Code of Ethics & EIS statements - Part 3
October 2021

This year these free ethics calls have been focused on the new ICF Ethical Interpretive Statements (EIS).  Join ILCT Faculty member, Tina Elliot, as we continue this conversation looking at the ICF Code of Ethics and their Interpretive Statements to clarify ICF’s intentions, interpretation and application of the Code of Ethics to coaching situations.

 If you are not familiar with the ICF’s most recent update to the ICF Ethical Interpretive Statements, you can find them here.

We will pick-up where we left off on our last call and start with Code #7:  Maintain, store and disposal of records, electronic files and we will talk a bit about The EU’s GDPR – General Data Protection and how data protection works in the United States. 

This free call will be an open discussion around the new Ethical Interpretive Statements and what if any changes or adjustments to consider in your operation as a coach.

Understanding the nuances of the Ethical Interpretive Statements and what this means according to ICF can support you to heighten your ethical awareness as a coach and stay out of ethical hot water.