• Coaching Forum, August 2014
August 2014

Catherine Morisset is a Coach at heart – in her life and her career, she walks her talk, and it’s made her a popular coach and resource as an organizational coach & facilitator. Her clients say she is not only experienced and knowledgeable, but that what makes it work is her common-sense and authenticity-based approach.

She has designed and delivered resilience, wellness, leadership and change management programs for large organizations, delivering them in Canada and internationally. She regularly presents at conferences focusing on organizational resilience, wellness and effectiveness.

We will discuss her work in 25+ years as a coach and trainer and the essence of her upcoming class at ILCT on coaching for resilience.

Clarification: The listing for the course discussed in the call, Coaching for Resilience: Part 3, has been updated. The class meets 6 times/weeks for a total of 8 hours and has a tuition of $415, which includes materials.

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