• Coaching Professionalism and Standards: An area of Ethical Complaints
September 2017

Coaching professionalism is paramount to our profession.  As coaches we “walk our own talk” right?  I know most of us work hard to be highly professional and operate with high standards, however an unconscious “slip of the tongue” might land you in some ethical hot water. 

The section of code I'm referring to has  been moved around a bit in the ICF Code of Ethics over the years and is not as visible as it was prior to the 2015 code update.

We will be discussing professionalism in coaching; what it is, as well as this section of code, it’s history, complaints, where to find it now.

Come join Tina Elliot, MBA, PCC, BCC, Ethics Specialist for a discussion coaching professionalism; what it means and how you can stay out ethical hot water by operating with high ethical standards.

What’s your Coaching Ethics I.Q.? Could you be treading in some ethical gray areas as a coach, and not even know it? Tina's next Coaching Ethics IQ class is beginning soon!

Listen to the Call:

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