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Coaching Professionalism and Standards: An area of Ethical Complaints

Coaching professionalism is paramount to our profession.  As coaches we “walk our own talk” right?  I know most of us work hard to be highly professional and operate with high standards.  However an unconscious “slip of the tongue” could land you in ethical hot water as it relates to this section of code.

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We Can Choose How To Respond

My heart goes out to everyone who has been impacted by so many disasters of late, Hurricanes Irma and Harvey and wildfires out West. Most likely, every one of us who wasn’t directly affected knows someone who was. If you’re like me...

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Lessons From a Book Store Encounter

Personal change is difficult, whether it involves losing weight, quitting smoking our taking control of our money. Let’s face it, we could all stand to make some tweaks here or there in our lives but so few of us get around to taking action. When it comes to money, I was recently reminded how quickly movement forward gets stopped in its tracks.

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The Coaching Game

Watch ILCT's Founder and Instructor as he joins The Coaching Game with Laurie Lawson, and discusses his role in the development of the coaching profession, his insight into being a coach, and the power of metaphors.

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