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Change the World Christian Coaching

A multitude of people in the United States and the World consider themselves to be Christians but do not know how to live the purpose God has for them. In recent polls, 70% of the US population calls themselves Christians but do not live a fulfilled life based on their unique calling. If everyone lived...

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Life Coach Training Blog

Coaching Specialist Certifications

While it is still true that no state, nor most countries require licensure for you to practice as a coach, seven states in the U.S. have already discussed it. The assumption is that, when that time comes...

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Ethical Framework for Technology-delivered Coaching

Originally published in 2011, we offer this updated White Paper to address the rapid changes in technology, and the ethical implications, especially as more and more coaches are using technology to deliver services...

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Using the Peoplemap in your Practice

June came to me for coaching. She wanted to improve on her role as Vice President of a department with a major international bank. She was very happy with her work, but having difficulty with...

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