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Caribou Coffee and Confidentiality -  Ethical or Not?

It’s a common practice for some coaches to meet clients, potential clients and sponsors at coffee shops.  So how do you have these meetings and assure confidentiality?

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Referrals and Case Consultation Online: What About Confidentiality?

Many coach groups focus on providing a place to network, share resources, find potential referrals, and even discuss cases. Yes. That is correct… discuss cases. Said differently, coaches talk about their clients in these groups. Here are some points to consider when discussing client-specific information in such a Group.

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ILCT Faculty in the News, May, 2018

Our sincere congratulations to ILCT Founder, Dr. Patrick Williams, MCC, BCC on being one of...

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A Sad Goodbye

With a very heavy heart, ILCT is mourning the loss of Dr. Jim Vuocolo - our Director of Training, a Senior faculty member for the past 20 years, and a wonderful mentor, friend, and coach. 

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