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30-Day Gratitude Challenge

By: Kim Anthony

"Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow." – Melody Beattie

Studies show that the more you express gratitude, the more appreciative, healthier and happier you will inevitably become. Science is also proving that a focus on gratitude could be the answer to improved personal health. It’s no surprise that grateful people tend to see the world from a more positive perspective, appreciating and noticing the good over the bad. Their positivity can lead to better sleep, ward off depression, reduce anxiety and stress, and improve overall health.

When you commit to practicing gratefulness you’ll begin to view and appreciate everything that you have as a gift. This can lead to some surprising benefits. Being thankful, will help you to be happier, and strengthen your relationships.

For the next 30 days, I challenge you and me to practice gratitude. Gratitude, although it is such a simple concept, we often forget to practice it. Participating in a gratitude challenge has been proven to make being grateful a little easier because it serves as an ongoing reminder and it helps you to look for and see the gratitude that surrounds you. Not only was this challenge introduced to be inspiring, it’ll be fun too!

Gratitude Challenge

If you’d like a hard copy version, feel free to print this image.

Simply snap photos inspired by the daily prompts listed above and share them on social media with the hashtag #ThisIsMyGrateful. A simple yet effective way to kickstart the year with a grateful and optimistic outlook.

I hope you’ll join me in participating in this 30-Day Gratitude Photo Challenge! It’s going to be fun. Are you in? If so, check out 4 fun facts about this challenge:

#1. You don’t need to be a professional photographer. You don’t even have to really like taking photos to participate. All it will take is an interest in focusing on things you’re grateful for and cultivating appreciation in your life.

#2. Any kind of camera works. You can take your photos anyway you want to — with your phone, a digital camera, a Polaroid. No limitations here! Anything goes!

#3. Don’t be alarmed by the word “challenge.” This is not a competition.There’s no reward, no punishment — just an opening to be more grateful and inspired.

#4. Start at any time. You can start at any time. This is your challenge. You are free to make it what you want. However, keep in mind the more you put into the challenge, the more you’ll get out. Gratitude isn’t just an assignment, but a habit. A habit that needs to be practiced and nurtured.

* Use #ThisIsMyGrateful. If you post your pics on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc., be sure to tag them #ThisIsMyGrateful so others can see them. I’ll be posting mine daily on Instagram as well.

I’m looking forward to sharing my photos with you all month long — and I can’t wait to see your photos too!

Feel free to journal as well. Documenting your thoughts as they correspond with your picture selections. Here are some journaling ideas that can help boost gratitude and enhance your wellness:

  • List at least three things you’re most appreciative of each morning. This daily prompt can boost your level of optimism even on challenging days.
  • Reframe taxing situations. Transform difficult situations into positive events by looking for the favorable aspects or benefits of the experience.
  • Create and practice positive affirmations. Affirmations re-wire the brain, raising the level of feel-good hormones and helping maintain positivity to reach goals. Gratitude can grow from achieving desired actions.

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Kim Anthony is the Resident Life & Wellness Coach and Editorial Director of Additionally, as an adjunct psychology professor, she is an avid believer in the mind and body relationship and its connection to fitness and overall wellbeing.