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Being a Coach: Reflections from ILCT Italy

By: Dr. Laura Cuttica Talice MCC, Director of The Institute for Life Coach Training, Italy

Coaching is a profession that fulfills everyone’s needs. The coach is fulfilled by learning a new job that will let her help her clients along their personal growth while they learn to have resources and personal capabilities to feel strong and unexpectedly successful. The client, called coachee, is fulfilled because he receives listening and understanding from his coach as never before and feels helped without a need for counseling or therapy, and learns how to better know himself.

Coaching is the new frontier of modern psychology, where going back in time to find reasons for its own limits is unnecessary, and all the focus of the mind and of the feelings is on finding solutions, and the many options to build a new future. Coaching helps clients see change as positive, not to fear it, to encourage them to appreciate life even more, with its unlimited resources.

I was drawn to enter the coaching profession after being a coachee and gaining an appreciation for the big difference between coaching and counseling, which I had been doing for more than twenty years. I chose the school that was most closely reflected my life and work ideals, and The Institute for Life Coach Training has been the choice for my life. I have been privileged to be guided from their Instructors and in particular I have been lucky to learn from Dr. Patrick Williams, Ed. D., MCC, BCC founder of the school.

Having completed the training in 2005, ILCT honored me with an opportunity to be the Director of ILCT Italy, providing the same ILCT training curriculum, but in Italian for those who prefer to learn in their mother tongue. Programs offered by this coaching school are very rich in deep meanings both on Life Coaching and life, and to become an ILCT coach is for everyone a personal learning growth beyond the professional competencies.

The ILCT Italy program begins with the 40-hour Foundational course, conducted as an intensive seminar for small groups, so that coaches can know each other and more easily familiarize in the buddy roles during classes and later for their professions. The remaining 40 hours, which can be used to become a Certified Life Coach, or pursue ICF or BCC credentials, is taught through online video call conferencing.

The next Italian Foundational Training course will be conducted 25/26 October; 22/23 November; 7/8 December 2014, held in Genova at Evergreen International, Via Alberto Liri 31/5.

For those interested in doing the advanced courses, the next online 20-hour ICF Core Competency course, for those who have successfully passed the Foundational course, will start on 22 September 2014 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.

For those who want to become Certified Life Coaches, which requires all 3 courses (80 hours of coach training) the next online 20-hour Coaching Skills Practicum course will begin on 12 January 2015 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.

Coaches’ satisfaction is the school’s objective, and with great satisfaction I keep on offering this important learning supported by Ellen Neiley Ritter, Ph.D., BCC and all the ILCT staff that I am honored to represent. If you’re interested in learning more about ILCT Italy’s program, please write to or visit my webpage at

Thanks for the attention, Dr. Laura Cuttica Talice MCC, Italy