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Credentialing and Congratulations!

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to credentialing and certification in the coaching profession -- ironic given that coaching is, in part, about working with our clients to gain greater clarity. While there currently are no states which require a coach to hold a credential or a certification to practice, a recent study by the International Coach Federation found that 84% of coaching clients reported that it was important that their coach hold a credential.

Coaching is based, in part, on the premise that each individual is the expert in their lives, and when it comes to our students’ journey to become professional coaches, ILCT believes that the decisions concerning your path to coaching is a personal decision.

And at ILCT, there are numerous credentialing paths available. We are one of just a handful of schools which is approved as both an Accredited Coach Training Program by the International Coach Federation for the Associate and Professional Coach credentials, as well as the Center for Credentialing and Education for their Board Certified Coach credential. We also offer specialist certifications in 6 niche areas – Business, Career Development, Christian, Life, Relationship and Wellness Coaching.

We love working with our students as they explore the different paths available and celebrating their accomplishments. Congratulations to:

Our newest ACTP graduate – Lizzie Branch

Our new Board Certified Coaches – Gwendolyn Buchanan, Rebecca Scalise Compton, Ben Cook, Cynthia Daugherty, Dave Freeman, Shana Lazar, Lisa Murray, and Anita Smith.

Our new Business Coaching Specialist - Kao Rosset, Hsing Chun Cindy

Our Certified Life Coaches - Joanne Cardona, Lisa Dunsky, Kathy Hubler, Heather Frye, and Judith Spears

Our Career Development Coaching Specialists are Donna Grego-Heintz and Kao Rosset, Hsing Chun Cindy.

Christian Coaching Specialist - Theresa Bowers and Elizabeth Cole

Our new Relationship Coaching Specialists are Kao Rosset, Hsing Chun Cindy and Randa Kinawi.

If you’re still confused about coaching credentials, please visit our website or give us a call.