Don’t Eliminate, Crowd Out in 2013

By: Michelle Armstrong

As we enter a new year, most people are talking about resolutions. These resolutions are generally about what will be eliminated. Some eliminate bad habits, some eliminate bad vices, and of course, some want to eliminate extra weight. Regardless of what it may be, these all are focused on one thing, denial of something that we enjoy! Human nature is to hunger for that which we can’t have and denying ourselves sets us up for failure. Instead of focusing on eliminating things out of your life, focusing on adding positive things so you crowd out the things we want to eliminate.

Here are some tips on adding the positive to crowd out the negative:

  • Relationships: Seems like everyone has people in their lives that drain us. Instead of eliminating that relationship, focus on building relationships that are more positive. Join a group with similar interests that you can meet new people and develop relationships with them. Also, be more positive in your approach to life. Be the person you seek to be around.
  • Nutrition: We all know how what we eat is tied to how we feel. Instead of resolving to not eat that candy bar or that extra piece of pie, focus on eating healthier things first. Eat the salad before the big steak dinner. Have an apple BEFORE the apple pie. Try the local vegetarian restaurant and ask the server what is the best dish in the house, watch documentaries on nutrition such as Food Matters to give you a better perspective on food, and try new fruits and vegetables such as rambutan or kale.
  • Finances: Our culture is one of debt and most people have a debt load that they would rather do without (and would happily give away the debt if they could!). So what can you do? Take an honest look at your finances. Sometimes calculating that coffee run every morning on a monthly basis can make you cringe next time you want to order that latte. Also, look at what you spend eating out, the salad at the restaurant is more expensive than the same salad at home. Shifting your spending and placing any surplus towards debt combined with generating more revenue to pay towards debt will help you crowd out that debt and give you some breathing room for 2013.

These are just a few ideas to spark your thinking. As you look at different aspects of your life, consider areas that you can crowd out the negative by adding in some positive things. Cheers to an amazing 2013!

Michelle Armstrong is a Board Certified Life and Wellness Coach and founder of the Boot Camp For Your Life™ program. She is an ILCT graduate and also serves as the Social Media Manager for ILCT. You can find out more at