Encouraging Clients to See the Reward Beyond the Risk
Encouraging Clients to See the Reward Beyond the Risk

Coaching is powerful; it helps clients say what they have not said, think what they have not thought, and dream what they have not dreamed…and share it with their confidant, their coach.

This allows clients to realize that if there are things they want to be different in their lives, they must have the courage to try new ways to achieve what they want. Coaching can help them “try things on” or “experiment” with new strategies, behaviors, or actions, all in the space of acceptance and motivation from their coach.

Living a life (or running a business) without risk or adventure can be fairly unsatisfying. Personally I’m a huge advocate of taking risks and seeking adventure, but not without strategy and purpose. Taking a misdirected or not well thought out risk can be completely foolish. However, if you keep doing what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten.

Hugh Prather in Notes to Myself, one of my favorite books, writes,

“If everything were to be just like I would want it to, just like I would plan for it to, then I would never experience anything new; my life would be an endless repetition of stale successes. When I make a mistake I experience something unexpected.”

Most of my greatest moments and experiences in life have been those I did not thoroughly plan. Help your clients with their goals, but also serve them as an “instigator of risk taking”. The rewards will be good for both of you.

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