How to Build Confidence and Structure Out of Chaos and Fear
How to Build Confidence and Structure Out of Chaos and Fear

By: Michelle Armstrong, BCC

When I first started coaching I felt insecure because, while coaching is led by the clients' agenda, I felt like I needed to be able to lead and guide more if the client needed it, and more importantly for my own confidence as a coach. I knew I had everything it takes to succeed, but I was afraid and felt I couldn't go much beyond the starting line. 

I researched to see what other coaches were doing to structure their coaching sessions, both individually and with groups. I bought way too many programs that were overpriced, rigid in structure and a big disappointment in every sense of the word. Having an extensive background in course development, I decided that if I wanted a great coaching program, it was up to me to develop it. After much work and lots of feedback from test coaches, The Wellness Coach Toolbox was created.

The Toolbox is a practical solution to some of the biggest challenges that wellness coaches face today.

Is The Wellness Coach Toolbox for you? Ask yourself:

  • Do you want to present yourself professionally, but don't have the time, money or desire to develop an entire program?
  • Do you feel lost setting up your wellness coaching program?
  •  Do you feel you lack consistency and clarity when speaking with potential clients or groups?
  • Do you want to present something professional but are intimated by the task of having to reinvent the proverbial wheel?
  • Deep down, do you fear that you won't be accepted as a wellness coaching professional?

The Wellness Coach Toolbox is a Done-For-You wellness coaching program where you can customize wellness programs for your clients. The toolbox is over 250 pages with 24 separate unique modules that include session outlines, client handouts, must have coaching resources and marketing materials to attract new clients. Best of all, it's a one time investment that you can use without any reoccurring fees!

To learn more how you can increase the structure and confidence for your wellness coaching business, go to  ILCT students receive 15% off with the coupon code ILCT (note: you enter the code at the very end). 

To your confidence and wellness,

Michelle Armstrong
Former ILCT Student
Creator of The Wellness Coach Toolbox
BCC certified Wellness, Business, and Life Coach

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