On Becoming an Effective Coach
On Becoming an Effective Coach

Becoming an effective coach comes from the interdependent combination of confidence and competence. Confidence comes with the practice of doing real coaching, while learning from every exchange. Competence comes from training, practicing and continual improvement using the “toolbox” of a masterful coach. In short, confidence yields more competence and more competence leads to increased confidence.

As in any sport, you may have a natural ability, and may even have honed that natural ability with applicable training (and coaching), but mediocrity will set in if you don’t practice with scheduled regularity, improving essentials as well as learning new skills.

Every real profession demands continual learning in both skill and personal development to maximize success in the craft you’ve chosen and in your business acumen. Take the Second Law of Thermodynamics, for instance, which states that without continual applied “work”, everything (yes, everything!) tends to move from a state of order to a state of disorder, as in your closet or on your desk! Professional life coaching and all its special applications presents a rewarding and important motivation for continual learning. Since coaching is a unique relationship with every client, you, as a coach, have the first opportunity to set a model of optimal living; and be aware of any learning edges for doing your best and being your best.

At Institute for Life Coach Training, we really enjoy being able to offer and expand quite a variety of advanced and specialty coaching courses; both for students new to coaching and for coaches who trained elsewhere but are seeking new skills, updated knowledge, or specialty designations.

With the profession of coaching expanding globally and many entities offering training and a variety of certifications, one thing remains certain: continual learning, adding both to your skill level and your own personal development, will make you a better coach - a confident coach; and that will lead eventually to a personally fulfilling practice.

Remember that every coaching conversation is built on caring, curiosity, and competence; coming out of the genuine authenticity of you, the coach. Your clients will benefit from your commitment to improvement and you will benefit from the satisfaction of seeing your clients’ successes. 

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