Five Steps To Getting Unstuck

By: Michelle Armstrong

Getting stuck seems to be a natural occurrence in life. From the animal that misjudges the depth of the river they are crossing to clients not knowing which step to take next or even coaches who seem to hit a place where they are stuck in the same circle not moving in a positive and productive direction; everyone gets stuck. With some simple steps (note: simple not necessarily easy) you and your clients can get unstuck!

  1. Increase your energy: Take some time to detox from things that are zapping your energy. It could be the TV, an over committed schedule, or too many times through the drive-thru. Pick one or two things you can change even if for a short time to detox. While you are at it, increase your physical activity. Take a walk and get some fresh air, meditate or practice some yoga. When you focus on cleansing your life, you increase the flow of positive energy in your life.
  2. Cut the clutter: Get rid of any excess junk. Is there a pile of books you have been meaning to donate, a stack of papers that are collecting dust, or is there a room that is cut off from everyone because it is the catch-all room? Get rid of the stuff taking up space in your life and open new space for movement and good things to take their place.
  3. Focus on your values: Living an authentic life means being true to who you are. When you act in a way that is in opposition to your beliefs that creates internal tension and contributes to being stuck. With each decision, big or small, ask yourself if what I am doing is living according to my values and decide how to act from your place of truth.
  4. Place your goals center stage: Cliché as it may be, tomorrow is but a hope and yesterday has passed, today is what we have to work with so keep your goals center to what you are doing. Even if you spend 20 minutes a day towards your goal you have fed the dream and that is what keeps you moving in a positive direction.
  5. Love yourself: Do things that nurture you. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it is an expression of your love for yourself. It could be a day at the spa or painting a beautiful scene, spending time at the beach or curled up at a cozy coffee shop with your favorite book. Just nurture yourself!

Focus on these five steps next time you feel stuck, or better yet, do these things on a regular basis to avoid those stuck times and keep moving yourself and your clients forward.

Michelle is a Board Certified Life and Wellness Coach. She loves to see her clients reach their dreams and is incredibly intuitive in bringing out the best in her clients. In addition to her coaching practice she is the Social Media and Marketing Manager for ILCT. You can find her online at