My Seven Favorite Quotations for Coaching Success Part 4 – Self-Development

By: Elizabeth Saigal, Ph.D. CLC

In the previous posts in this series, I shared choice quotes on happiness, perseverance, and courage. Coaches target each of these qualities to enable self-development. This post is dedicated to quotes on self-development and how they, in turn, are encompassed in the coaching experience.

  1. “The success you experience can never exceed your self-concept.” - Joel Fotinos
    The coaching conversation targets self-esteem both globally and through specific domains. When a client believes that they are not good at something, all their choices follow from this belief. However, new skills and abilities can always be learned and coaches will point out if perceived lack of expertise is preventing forward action. By extension, focusing on acquiring proficiency in a specific new area can completely change your self-concept. In other words, your success is entirely in your hands as long as you are able to identify what to target.
  2. “Self trust is the first secret of success.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson
    Following from the previous quotes annotation, coaches aid clients in hearing their own intuition and in actively seeking its contribution. This is how they find out which areas to target to solidify their self-concept.
  3. “Are you dedicated to your development, willing to be temporarily uncomfortable in order to achieve expanded consciousness” - Raymond Charles Barker
    Coaching is all about personal development. Engaging with full commitment to internal growth includes being prepared to say goodbye and let go of, or dramatically alter, the things that no longer serve. There can be periods of discomfort when these adjustments are taking place. The coaching relationship is most successful when the client understands and embraces this process of change. Coaches assist in designing a life that fits the client’s vision as of right now. As the client grows, their vision will also shift, and things that are no longer a priority will fall away, allowing a life that is more aligned with their essence to emerge.
  4. “What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.” – Plutarch
    Coaching is not just about taking action and external results, but also about how we relate to our circumstances internally: What we think and feel, and the selections we make. Coaching brings insight into how choices are impacted by emotion and cognition and how they change as perspective changes. Radical shifts in awareness can bring an entirely different view to a situation and promote totally different choices.
  5. “Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become.” - Jim Rohn
    Coaches focus on desires and ideal results, which contributes to self improvement over time. It is not the success itself that is targeted, but what is latent in the client that has not yet been given expression.
  6. “One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.” - Arthur Ashe
    Client self confidence increases as they experience their expanded capabilities. Coaching supports clients in laying a firmer foundation so that actions steps taken are successful. This, in turn, leads to greater self reliance.
  7. “If people believe in themselves, it is amazing what they can accomplish.” - Sam Waltons
    One coaching technique is bringing the client’s attention to their brilliance. Great coaches will find the underlying themes that support the big picture that the client is trying to establish. They are often tied into the things that make them who they are and that give them purpose. Revealing to the client what makes them special and unique is one way to increase their appreciation of themselves. This essence is often where growth may be targeted and the client can make profound shifts in their possibilities.

Coaches engage with the root of what makes us human, our development as individuals. As part of this journey, insight is gleaned into client happiness, perseverance, and courage. These qualities are by their very nature variable. It is this dynamism that provides such rich potential for transformation.

Elizabeth Saigal is an ILCT Certified Life Coach. She offers Life Design Coaching for those intent on connecting with their inner truth and aligning with their intuition to live a life on purpose. You can connect with her and sign up to receive her Free Ten Step Life Design System at