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Your Magic Window

By: Patrick Williams, EdD, MCC, BCC

Remember in the Wicked Witch in Snow White who looked into her Magic Mirror to see what was troubling in her kingdom. She would look at a reflection of what was a threat to her power.

Well I have come to realize we all have Magic Windows where we get to reflect on what we see in the moment instead of looking a reflection of what we fear or loathe.

As a personal coach, I ask evocative questions to encourage my clients to think what they have not thought, and to say what they have not said, and to dream out loud in the presence of a committed listener. Looking out the windows of our life allows a way to become present and to just notice what you see and then reflect on what it teaches you. Reflecting on what we notice is a perspective shift we often ask out clients such as using the “30,000 foot view” or asking them to “step into the future and see what is different”.

I have come to cherish my views from my windows whether in my house, on a plane landing with a view of the landscape, out a window of a cruise ship or sail boat, or the window in a resort or vacation hotel somewhere in our travels. I ALWAYS learn something new and ALWAYS have a new perspective if I take the time to notice. I might see nature in action, birds, mammals, children at play, beautiful landscapes, etc, but there is always a lot to be learned and much to allow reflection of how it affects us.

What magic windows do you have available? These can be real or remembered, or they might be on an upcoming adventure. Windows are our invitation to the world outside and beyond…. lots to see, lots to learn, lots to reflect on.

Using the window as a tool for reflection and learning is powerful and one you can use yourself and request of your clients. It is another way to become centered, and to pause in the present moment, and see what is right in front of us that when we are stuck in the past or the future, we might otherwise miss.

I would love to hear from any of you who have a profound experience from looking out the windows in your life. Write me at

Dr. Pat