Starts Class Associated Course  
09/27/2017 CMJ092717 Coaching the Mid-Life Journey Register
10/02/2017 WWG100217 Walk with God Register
10/03/2017 AJS100317 Advanced Job Search Coaching Register
10/04/2017 BDL100417 Business Development Lab Register
10/05/2017 MON100517 Money Coaching Register
10/10/2017 MCS101017 Maximizing Client Success Using the Coaching Continuum Model Register
10/10/2017 FDN101017 Foundational Register
10/11/2017 GRI101117 Grief Coaching Register
10/11/2017 CEIQ6101117 Coaching Ethics IQ Register
10/11/2017 CCU101117 Coaching Change in Uncertain Times Register
10/12/2017 MEC101217 Mentor Coaching Register
10/17/2017 CSC101717 Creating Sacred Context Register
10/17/2017 FDNCA101717 Coach Approach Register
10/18/2017 CSA101817 Coaching for Social Action Register
10/19/2017 FSB101917 From Stressed to Best Register
10/23/2017 ECCM102317 Energizing Coaching Conversations with Metaphors Register
10/24/2017 FDNC102417 Foundational for Christian Coaches Register
10/25/2017 ATC102517 Advanced Topics in Coaching Register
10/26/2017 ERM102617 Ethics, Risk Management and Professional Issues Register
10/30/2017 CQ103017 Change Your Questions, Change Your Results Register
11/01/2017 CSP110117 Coaching Skills Practicum Register
11/02/2017 PR110217 Coaching for Personal Resilience Register
11/06/2017 VLM110617 Using Visual Life Maps in Coaching for Life Transformation Register
11/07/2017 PML110717 PeopleMap 6 Step Leadership Coach Approach Program Register
11/07/2017 GC110717 Group Coaching Register
11/13/2017 BR111317 Beyond Recovery™ Register
11/14/2017 FDN111417 Foundational Register
12/07/2017 CSCE120717 Coaching Students in Career Exploration and Expanding Awareness of Nontraditional Careers Register
01/16/2018 WSL011618 Ways of Sacred Listening Register
01/18/2018 SCP011818 Seasons of Change Coaching Practicum Register