Credentialing Path

60-hour Board Certified Coach Training

For those who have a Master’s degree in the social and behavioral sciences (business, management, social work, marriage and family therapy, psychology, education, divinity, etc.), CCE's 60-hour Board Certified Coach Training program provides a thorough introduction to foundational coaching principles and practices, and includes core coaching competencies, ethics, and “gap areas” not addressed in previous professional training, allowing you to quickly transition to coaching. 

Those with a Ph.D., a Master's or higher degree in Counseling, or those who hold a NCC (National Certified Counselor) credential will want to choose the 30-hour Board Certified Coach Training program. 

Students choosing this program and pursuing this path to BCC credentialing will begin by registering for ILCT's Foundational Course, and will complete an additional 20 hours of coach training from our wide selection of electives.


“I cannot say enough positive things about my experience as a student at ILCT! Every step of the way I received support from the faculty, students and staff. Not only did I receive a high quality education in coaching, but I was able to develop my coaching skills with application and structured peer groups. I was mentored and guided when choosing new classes that fit my goals and mission. After completion of the program, I continue to receive support from ILCT as I prepared for the BCC exam, and still continue to receive mentorship and guidance as my coaching business evolves with my mission and purpose. I highly recommend ILCT to anyone entering the coaching field or interested in learning coaching techniques.” – Katie K., BCC, BCS

Required Courses

Master’s Degree



Must have a master's in social or behavioral sciences


TOTAL 40 hrs


The cornerstone of our ICF Accredited Coach Training Program

Electives for 60 Hour BCC

TOTAL 20 hrs


Most ILCT courses meet the elective requirements for this credential.

CCE Coaching Experience - 30

TOTAL 30 hrs


CCE requires verification of 30 hours of post-degree experience.

BCC Application



ILCT will work with students to complete the required application, including the professional endorsement and experience verification forms.




Center for Continuing Education (CCE) administers BCC Exam

Board Certified Coach

TOTAL 60 hrs


Requirements Met

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