Credentialing Path

30-hour Board Certified Coach Training

The Board Certified Coach credential (BCC), offered by the Center for Credentialing and Education, recognizes the strong foundation developed as part of an advanced degree program in the field of counseling, and its applicability to the profession of coaching.

For those with a Master's degree in Counseling, licensed counselors (LPC), those who hold an NCC (National Certified Counselor) credential, or those who have a doctorate degree, the 30-hour Board Certified Coach Training program provides strong grounding in the core coaching competencies, addresss “gap areas” not addressed in previous professional training, and clarifies the distinctions between coaching and counseling.

Those with a master's degree in other social or behavioral sciences will want to choose the 60-hour Board Certified Coach Training program. 

Students pursuing this path to BCC credentialing will begin by registering for ILCT’s 20-hour Coach Approach course and complete at least 10 hours of coach training from our wide selection of electives.


"I am continually impressed with the professional quality of the training and support ILCT provides to aspiring coaches and just wanted to say that I’m proud to be affiliated with such an organization. I recently fulfilled the ILCT coursework for the BCC certification, passed the BCC exam several weeks ago, and am now launching my coaching practice as a BCC. I greatly appreciate the on-going training and support you offer your graduates through these monthly teleconferences." – Irene E., M.S., BCC

Required Courses

Master’s in Counseling, NCC, counselor licensure, or doctorate degree


Master's or Higher in Counseling, NCC, counselor licensure, or doctorate degree

Coach Approach


Provides an overview of core coaching competencies and techniques

TOTAL 20 hrs
Electives for 30 Hour BCC


Most ILCT courses meet the elective requirements for this credential

TOTAL 10 hrs
CCE Coaching Experience - 30


CCE requires verification of 30 hours of post-degree experience.

TOTAL 30 hrs
BCC Application


ILCT will work with students to complete the required application, including the professional endorsement and experience verification forms.



Center for Continuing Education (CCE) administers BCC Exam

Board Certified Coach


Requirement Met

TOTAL 30 hrs