Specialties Path

Certified Life Coach

The Certified Life Coach (CLC) credential is one of ILCT’s internal certifications, attained through a progression of coursework and coaching experience. Potential candidates must complete the 40-hour Foundational Course, complete the 20-hour ICF Core Competency course and the 20-hour Coaching Skills Practicum course.

The courses required for the CLC must be taken sequentially, so it takes approximately one year to complete the studies for the CLC. The cost for the three required courses is $4,845. The only additional cost is the book used in the Foundational course, Becoming a Professional Life Coach, by Dr. Patrick Williams, which costs less than $30.

All courses are conducted via teleconferences.
We encourage you to find a long distance calling plan which will allow you to call our U.S. teleconference numbers for at least 3 hours per week.

ILCT is accredited by the International Coach Federation.
All credits earned as you become a CLC will also count towards your pursuing credentialing with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Required Courses


TOTAL 40 hrs


The cornerstone of our ICF Accredited Coach Training Program

ICF Core Competency

TOTAL 20 hrs


Learn and practice core coaching competencies

Coaching Skills Practicum

TOTAL 20 hrs


Take your coaching skills to a new level

Certified Life Coach

TOTAL 80 hrs


Requirements Met

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