ICF Core Competency

This course, required as part of ILCT’s ACTP track, consists of four components:

  • focus on the 11 coaching core competencies;
  • observed coaching by instructors with written and verbal feedback, 
  • peer coaching,
  • and successful completion of an oral assessment demonstrating coaching at the ACC level.
  1. ICF Core Competency Practicum Course consists of twelve 90-minute classes.  Each class meeting has three sections:
    1. Review and exploration of one core competency each week to deepen understanding and the use of the competency in coaching.
    2. One student coaching another student for 30 minutes on a real life situation or a situation presented by one of their clients.
    3. Oral feedback from each course participant as well as the instructor on the coaching conversation.
  2. Observed coaching: The course instructor will conduct mentoring with each student after they have coached in class and will give written and/or oral feedback highlighting areas of strength and offering recommendations to expand the coach’s growing edges.
    1. Students will have one or two mentoring calls with their instructor for a total of 1.5 hours of individual mentoring for this portion of the Course.
    2. These mentoring calls will take place 1-2 weeks following the student’s coaching in class.
  3. Peer Coaching: Students will meet in their peer group for a minimum of 1 1/2 hour per week to practice coaching.
    1. Each peer group will be assigned a bridge line on which to hold their calls and will record these calls.
    2. Students are asked to use real life situations in their coaching. This can consist of situations they’d like to get clarity on, strategies the student would like to create, topics the student would like to ponder and see what develops, ideas the student would like to explore, situations that require next steps to be taken, etc.
    3. Each Peer Group session should allow 2 coaching conversations of 30 minutes, with 15 minutes of feedback and discussion. Roles of coach, coachee, and observer should rotate each time.
    4. The observer will fill out the Core Competency Practicum Observer form (available in your Library) and send it to the instructor and members of the peer group within one week of the session.
  4. Oral Competency Assessment: After completion of the practicum course sessions and peer coaching, students will sign up for the Coaching Assessment.
    1. The Assessment will consist of a 30-minute coaching session, where one instructor, serving as the client, will bring a real coaching issue for you to coach, while a second instructor will observe and score the coaching session. 
    2. When the coaching session is complete, instructors will jointly review the competencies demonstrated by the student, agree on scoring, and written feedback will be provided to the student.
      1. Students will receive ½ hour of mentoring credit for this portion of the course, for a possible total of 2.5 hours of mentor coaching, which may be used when pursuing ICF credentialing or renewal.
    3. Students should be coaching at an ACC level to pass this course. Students who fail the assessment are able to retake it and can be rescheduled after at least 2 weeks.

Frequency: This course is offered three or four times a year.

Course Prerequisites

  • 40 hours of coach training