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Sep. 13thTuesday, 2:00pm EDT

The Ins and Outs of Coaching Confidentiality

There have been some significant recent updates to the Code of Ethics and the Ethical Interpretive Statements when it comes to confidential in coaching. We will be looking more closely at some of these changes and what you need to be aware of regarding...

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Coach Experience Requirements Revisited

In an attempt to stay current, this post updates previous ones to summarize the requirements for what counts as coaching experience as of September 2021.

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30-Day Gratitude Challenge

Studies show that the more you express gratitude, the more appreciative, healthier and happier you will inevitably become.

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How to Master Direct Communication without Crossing the Line

Do you find yourself on the thin line of wanting to be direct without crossing the line into being too directive where you risk offending, losing clients, customers, direct reports (and fail your coaching exam)?

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